Oak Street Funding Powers Internal Succession

Client Success Case Study: Cornerstone Financial Planning

Mackenzie Parsons and Christina Traurig of Cornerstone Financial Planning recognized the need for partner buyout financing to purchase the firm from founders Jill Boynton and Susan Veligor. However, they faced a common concern among Generation 2 business owners: the increasing difficulty in affording such transactions. Determined to find a solution, they sought advice from their network, which led them to Oak Street Funding. Leveraging their expertise, Oak Street Funding helped Mackenzie and Christina structure the deal, setting the stage for a successful partner buyout. 



Quick Facts



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  • ESTABLISHED: March 2004

  • EMPLOYEES: 9 + one canine office greeter


  • BUSINESS CHALLENGE: Financing a partner buyout

  • HOW OAK STREET FUNDING HELPED: Oak Street Funding provided flexible, customized financing for the partner buyout

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