Destination: Refresh

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In This Issue

Our Bridge Magazine delivers the educational information you need to grow and stay competitive.

A Quick 10-Step Business Tune-Up


Whether you’ve started to think about selling or merging your business or are experiencing flat to little growth, it’s always a good idea to look for ways to do things better. Take a closer look at your business and find ways to improve.

How Other Cultures Find Relief from Work Stress

Deadlines and goals to meet, performance expectations to measure up to, partners and employees to get along with, technical difficulties, the struggle to achieve a decent work/life balance - it all adds up to stress.

Back to School: Professional Edition


There’s no autumnal equivalent to spring cleaning or a New Year’s Resolution, and the truth is that – though comprised of many individually good components –fall is, to many, just another stretch on the road to the next year.

Refresh Your Client Relationships


Re-engaging with your clients is easy, and it’s hard to think of other efforts that offer as much of a return on your investment. Best of all, you’ll get fewer of those surprise phone calls from departing clients.