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How to Win An Agency Acquisition

If you are considering an agency acquisition but have paused plans due to rising interest rates and multiples, do not despair. With these tips, you can win a profitable acquisition that will bring you long-term success.

Automation in Accounting

Given the inevitability of a continued increase of automation in accounting -- and the exciting applications of artificial intelligence (AI) -- it’s a great time for CPAs to examine what their practices can do to remain competitive and protect their clients.

Effectively Evaluating RIA M&A Opportunities

According to Devoe & Company, RIA mergers and acquisitions set new records in 2021 for the eighth consecutive year and 2022 is on track to be another record-setting year. The disruption of the RIA industry provides lots of opportunities for M&A.


Acqui-hire may be a new term to many business owners, but it's becoming increasingly well-known as the struggles to hire show no signs of letting up during the tightest labor market most of us have experienced. What makes acqui-hire faster? How can acqui-hire be less risky?

Building the Next Generation of Leaders

As some business owners approach retirement, they begin to wonder where they will find the next generation of leaders. You can leave it to chance, or you can begin to develop the next generation of leaders today.

Three Ps of Business Cyber Security

Since Russia invaded Ukraine in late February, cybercrime is on the rise. CrowdStrike CEO George Kurtz says while the world is distracted by the war, cybercriminals are taking the opportunity to steal more money.