Understanding Advisor Independence

Business Transition Solutions and Oak Street Funding

Description: Join Susie McEuen, VP of Strategic Markets for Oak Street Funding, and Dennis Leininger, Founder of Business Transition Solutions, as they share ideas for growth and transition for financial advisor practices. They discuss building trusted teams, finding your "why" when transitioning, and more. 



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Highlights from the Episode:

Dennis Leininger - Team Members Module

Going Independent: Find Your Why

Dennis Leininger, Founder

Susie McEuen 2 - Team Members Module

Starting Early to Buy a Book of Business

Susie McEuen, VP of Sales

Dennis Leininger 2 - Team Members Module

Deciding to Go Independent

Dennis Leininger, Founder

Susie McEuen - Team Members Module (2)-1

Building a Team to Go Independent

Susie McEuen, VP of Sales

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